Shearwater Villas welcomes new managers

Linden & Rachel

Linden & Rachel – New Managers at Shearwater Villas Norfolk Island

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Resident Managers at
Shearwater Villas. Linden and Rachel joined us on the 18th April and are already
proving to be a valuable asset to our team.

Linden hails from Melbourne originally and has worked numerous years on
many islands such as Hamilton, Orpheus, Daydream and Long Island.
Rachel grew up in beautiful Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast and is currently
studying Natural Medicine. She met Linden on Orpheus Island and the rest as
they say is history.
Most recently they have worked on Heron Island, the tiny coral cay close to the
Tropic of Capricorn, Queensland.
Linden and Rachel bring with them a wealth of experience in hotel operations
and customer service and are excited by the prospect of having one on one
contact with the guests of Shearwater Villas, ensuring that their needs are
catered for.
Always up for a challenge, Linden and Rachel were drawn to Norfolk Island as it
offers the opportunity of utilising their current experience whilst expanding
their knowledge even further.

“After working on such a tiny island as Heron, the idea of being part of a larger
community appealed to us. We had heard that all of the fruit and vegetables
available are grown on Norfolk and are organic which greatly appealed to Rachel
who is studying to be a naturopath. Island life is also a great way to save money,
while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of a different type of lifestyle. People
come to these places for a holiday while I get to live here full time. Also Fishing,
let’s not forget fishing!” says Linden.
“Often with larger resorts, guests come and go and you may not ever know their
names or even meet them during their stay. Part of the appeal of living at a
holiday destination such as Norfolk Island is that everyone is having a good time
and its nice to get caught up in their enthusiasm” adds Rachel.

So far they haven’t had much time to explore the island at length but do enjoy
going down to the Crystal Pools for a swim and to see what type of fish are
caught in the pools at high tide.
“Mostly we just pick a new road to drive down to enjoy the sights and discover
our beautiful new island, one road at a time,” they said.